All about the AGM nominations

NCMD officers are nominated and elected from the experienced and existing Executive Committee members that attend council meetings. The procedure is detailed in the NCMD constitution. Nominations should include the name of a candidate, the proposer, and seconder and must be sent to all members of the Executive Committee. 


Brian Vaughan the Western Region Secretary, on behalf of the four regions sent their nominations to Kevin Gorman in the correct format on 13th June 2021 and Kevin Gorman acknowledged receipt of these on 14th June 2021. Click HERE to view nominations from the four regions.


Kevin Gorman refused to accept the nominations from the four regions. Brian Vaughan then complained to Kevin Gorman. Click HERE for further information that supports the nominations from the four regions.

Kevin Gorman's nominations were incorrect and unconstitutional. His nominations contained no details of the any proposers or seconders, and these were not circulated to the Executive Committee members until the 15th June 2021 the day after he acknowledged receipt of the four regions' nominations emailed to him on 14th June 2021.


Kevin Gorman's nominations provided a list of the candidate names, and then he went ahead with a zoom AGM on the 27th June 2021 and voted in more individuals from his own North West region. The four regions' nominations were in line with the constitution which stated nominations had to be submitted within 14 days of the AGM. Click HERE to view the nominations as submitted by Kevin Gorman.

The 14th June 2021 is the DAY BEFORE the 15th June 2021. Kevin Gorman stated, "what followed was an attempt to fraudulently change the original email dated 13th July 2021 to deceive the Executive Officers and subsequently take control, by deception, of the NCMD." Brian Vaughan the Secretary of the Western region complained on behalf of the four regions and was accused by Kevin Gorman using social media of being a liar.


Wendy Howard the Vice-Chairman of the NCMD was made fully aware of the four regions nominations, as these were discussed with her on Thursday 11th June 2021 and again on Friday 12th June 2021 by John Wells and David Rees. She also stated in conversation that Kevin Gorman had informed her not to put herself forward for the role of Chairman as an outsider was being brought in to fill the role.

Kevin Gorman's refusal to accept the nominations from the four regions for the AGM is unconstitutional. At that time, he was not even ratified as the General Secretary and his actions were also instrumental in causing an even greater dispute between the NCMD officers and the four regions.

Kevin Gorman cancelled the meeting for the 26th June 2021 prior to the AGM the following day, which was promised at the meeting on the 17th May 2021 at Northampton..

It is worth noting that the four regions informed Kevin Gorman previously, and the other Executive Committee members including Wendy Howard and Alastair Hackett, that Kevin Gorman was not ratified as the General Secretary prior to the AGM, imposed by zoom on the 27th June 2021. He was exceeding his authority provided by that position and assisted by his fellow officers and Alastair Hackett, the guardian of the constitution, who continued to support him.


There was a late addition to the agenda for the AGM held on the 27th June 2021, which enabled him to be ratified belatedly. 

Constitutionally, that AGM and everything voted and passed during it, is now in contention. Click HERE for a copy of the minutes of the AGM. Throughout a considerable time during the pandemic, the NCMD under Kevin Gorman has made threats, and disregarded the constitution whilst he was only acting General Secretary, and committed the NCMD to actions unbefitting his role.


His methods have sown discontent and upheaval in an organisation that previously stood for honesty and integrity, and he has been supported by other officers, and Alastair Hackett as President and the guardian of the constitution.